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MadrassaH Bilal

"Democratizing Access to the Quran"

دمقرطة الوصول إلى القرآن

قرآن تک رسائی کو جمہوری بنانا۔


Democratizar el acceso al Corán

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At Madrassah Bilal our goal is to produce competent huffaz and protectors of the Noble Qur’an who can fulfill the responsibilities of teaching the Qur’an, leading congregational prayers, and Tarawih prayers. Students develop to become community leaders and beacons of light for our growing ummah. We employ a proven method for Hifdh al-Qur'an which focuses not just on memorization, but retention.

"In essence, our mission is to democratize access to the quran" - Qari Shahid Mahmood

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The hifz program utilizes a proven methodology to quran memorization

Alhumdulilah for over 17 years now — Madrassah Bilal has been transforming the lives of youthful individuals through the sacred knowledge of the Quran. And with this knowledge, our Alumni have gone on to become exceptional leaders. Today, they attend elite academic & Islamic institutions; innovate at leading technology companies; lead in Taraweeh prayers, and continuously challenge the status quo.

you can find our Alumni at

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our alumni offer a truely global network!

Admissions for winter 2022 are now open! 

Step 1: Connect with our Alumni to understand if the Hifz program is right for you or your kids!

Step 2: Interview with our leadership — this helps us get to know you as a parent or prospective student!

Step 3: And finally make Dua that Allah (SWT) makes this journey fruitful for both the student and teacher (Ameen!)

*We take a methodical approach to admissions — to get started, please reach out to us inshallah! 

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Leave your info and we’ll get back to you Inshallah!


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